Typical Pressure Treated "Fortress" Fence

pressure treated wood fence

This is a typical installation of pressure treated "fortress" fence.  Pre-treated lumber acts differently than the normal "kiln-dried" lumber you may be familiar with because it comes from the mill soaking wet.  The two most important considerations when installing a treated lumber fence are the top cap and middle rails.  The top cap serves to keep the posts from twisting freely as the wood dries, while the middle rail is important to keep the fence boards from bending and warping.  Once the lumber has dried out the green tinge disappears and the fence stays a "natural" brown colour for many year to come.  If you have outdoor sprinklers in your yard be sure to configure the spray patterns to avoid the fence as much possible as the extra moisture will cause a "washing out" of the colour prematurely and make "splotchy" grey patches on the fence.